Centurionpro Hp Tabletop Bucker

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CenturionPro® HP Tabletop Bucker - The Most Compact and Cost-Efficient Bucker on the Market

High Performance Bucker

The CenturionPro HP Tabletop Bucker is pound for pound the market’s most compact and cost-efficient bucker. With two rollers that pull the stem into the de-stemmer to pop flowers off at an exceptional rate, it's ideal for stems up to 3/8” and has 2 hole sizes to strip plants carefully and comprehensively.

Processing Capacity

The robust machine can process up to 75 pounds wet or up to 15 pounds dry, making it perfect for small to medium-sized harvests.

Power and Precision

The impressive power and precision of the HP Tabletop Bucker are driven by a 0.33 HP motor with variable speed control, allowing for enhanced versatility when bucking wet and dry plants.

Portable Design

Designed with portability in mind, the HP Tabletop Bucker weighs in at just 46 pounds with sturdy stainless steel carrying handles, making it easy to take with you on the go.

Discreet Bucking Solution

The discreet design of the CenturionPro HP Tabletop Bucker makes it perfect for bucking on the go.

Upgrade your bucking process with the CenturionPro HP Tabletop Bucker. It's the most compact and cost-efficient bucker on the market, perfect for small to medium-sized harvests and its powerful precision and portable design make it easy to use and transport. 

Order yours now and experience the efficiency of the HP Tabletop Bucker.

Centurion Pro
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