Gavita Master Controller EL2 - Gen 2

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Optimize Your Large Room Lighting with Gavita Master Controller EL2

Expanded Functionality for Enhanced Control

The Gavita Master Controller EL2 offers improved and expanded features for central control of large rooms with e-series fixtures. These controllers raise the bar with their high-temperature dimming and safety shut-off feature, event logging, and independent sunrise and sunset settings.

The Gavita Master controller EL2 is a dual channel light controller. Each of the controller’s two channels can control up to 40 (250*) Gavita e-series fixtures or ballasts. It is possible to use those channels to control fixtures in two completely independent rooms, or to control up to 80 (500*) fixtures in one room. With an External Contact Module (ECM) auxiliary equipment can be controlled. Up to two ECMs can be connected. An alarm can be connected to go off at temperature shutdown or power outage. These devices need to be purchased separately.

EL2 Features Additional Light Cycle and Programmable ECM Options

The EL2 takes control to the next level with independent light cycles and programmable external contactor modules (ECMs). These added options allow for even more customization and precision in your lighting setup.

Compatible with Gavita LED Fixtures

Note: If using the EL1/2 controller with one of Gavitas LED fixtures (1700e/900e/CT1930e), the purchase of HGC906717 or HGC906716 is required.

Take Control of Your Lighting with Gavita Master Controller EL2 Gen 2

Don't settle for mediocre control of your large room lighting. Upgrade to Gavita Master Controller EL2 for enhanced functionality and precise customization.

Upgrade your lighting control today with Gavita Master Controller EL2 Gen 2.

Freight Shipping Required
50-60 Hz
Hazardous Material
Height (in)
Length (in)
Number of Lights Controlled
2 (40 Ballast Per Output)
Grow Lights
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