Titan Controls Ares Greenhouse Garden Heater - LP

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Improve Your Indoor Garden with the Titan Controls Ares Heater

The Titan Controls Ares Garden Heater is a must-have for any grower looking to heat their indoor garden. But this innovative product doesn't just provide warmth - it also helps manage the byproduct of combustion, CO2.

Advanced CO2 Detection and Control

The Ares Garden Heater is equipped with technology that can detect both oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. When used in an unvented area, this product can control the concentration of CO2 to ensure a safe growing environment.

Safe and Automatic Shutoff

Safety is a top priority with the Ares Garden Heater. That's why it's equipped with the Atlas CO2 Controller with Oxygen Shutoff-Hardwire Controller. If the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere drops to 18.0% or lower, the heater will automatically shut off. When the oxygen levels return to a safe 19.0%, the heater will turn back on and the combustion process will resume.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Ares Garden Heater is simple to operate and maintain. With its easy-to-read display and straightforward controls, you'll be able to set and monitor your desired temperature and CO2 levels with ease.

Take Control of Your Indoor Garden

Don't let subpar heating and CO2 management hold back your garden's potential. Upgrade to the Titan Controls Ares Garden Heater and take control of your indoor growing environment. Click "Add to Cart" and start improving your garden today!

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